Italian food is considered the most loved and popular cuisine in Israel. This the main reason why there are so many Italian restaurants around us. In this class we will learn the meat versions of familiar Italian dishes.

We will prepare fresh pasta, ravioli and handmade gnocchi from the dough stage, served with meat sauces.
We will continue with Saltimbocca with smoked goose breast, Tuscan chicken stew and hot chocolate fondant for dessert.

The class is practical and hands-on, and participants make most of the dishes themselves.

The Class's Menu
  • Start Off with Hot rosemary focaccia from the oven
  • Handmade Fettuccine pasta in Bolognese sauce - Italian Raghu
  • Potato gnocchi handmade in pesto sauce
  • Hand made ravioli filled with beef in chicken and lemon sauce
  • Saltimbocca goose breast and sirloin in red wine sauce
  • Tuscan chicken casserole
  • Traditional beef Carpaccio
  • Hot chocolate fondant dessert

Sensitivity Adjustment:

Many of the dishes contain Gluten: the Pasta, the Ravioli, the Gnocchi and the dessert.

All the dishes are suitable for pregnant women except the Carpaccio.

Almost all the dishes include meat - whether it is the dish itself or the sauce.

None of the dishes are vegan in this class.