Prepare the classic and most famous dishes of the Italian cuisine. We'll make hand-made pasta and ravioli, including the dough, and a variety of sauces.

In addition, we will prepare familiar dishes like mushroom risotto, focaccia, pizza, polenta, antipasti and tiramisu for dessert.

The class is active, and the participants prepare most of the dishes by themselves.

The Class's Menu
  • Start Off with Hot rosemary focaccia from the oven
  • Polenta with roasted tomatoes, olives and herbs
  • Antipasti roasted vegetables in the oven
  • Sea fish baked on bruschetta with Sicilian seasoning with mozzarella and basil
  • Handmade pasta with classic tomato sauces and rose
  • Ravioli filled with hand-baked sweet potato in butter and sage sauce
  • Risotto butter and mushrooms
  • A rich Italian focaccia with a variety of decorations
  • Napolitana pizza
  • Tiramisu cake with mascarpone cheese

Sensitivity Adjustment:

Most of the dishes in this class have gluten.

The class doesn't include any meat