Mediterranean Fish Class 18 June - Tuesday - 18:40 Chef Amir Schuler

A fish cooking class where we will prepare an abundance of dishes based on Mediterranean fish, and a little beyond. We will learn about the fish structure, filleting techniques, cutting, the handling and storage of fresh fish.

We will implement several cooking methods (pickling, steaming, grilling, baking and cooking). We will learn about different types of fish, where to buy them, about fish farming and which are the best seasons for each fish.
The class is practical and hands-on, and participants make most of the dishes themselves

The Class’s Menu:
  • Start Off with Hot rosemary focaccia from the oven
  • Practicing fish fillet - practical experience with fresh fish
  • Fish patties in hot pepper and tomato sauce
  • Kebab Soufflaki - Pita with czizaki spread, pickled lemon, anchovy and kebab
  • Fish skewers in beer dough
  • Salmon in a bowl of vine leaves in a hot peppers sauce
  • South Italy Style Seviche
  • Baked Beet Salad with nuts and crispy cream
  • For dessert - a polenta cake based on corn flour and almond flour

Sensitivity Adjustment:

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