Mexican Cuisine Class 17 November - Wednesday - 18:30 Chef Alon Livne

In this class we'll learn how to about the most popular and loved Mexican dishes, sauces and dips. The class is meat based and contains over 8 dishes.

The Mexican kitchen is a relatively new type of cuisine that’s increased in popularity in the last few years in Israel. The Mexican cuisine has many influences, including the ancient native civilizations of North, Central and South America as well as the Spanish kitchen.

The class is practical and hands-on, and participants make most of the dishes themselves.

The Class’s Menu:
  • Start off with freshly baked Fuccacia
  • Fresh Corn Tortillas and Nachos
  • Ceviche De Pescado – Fresh raw fish Cured in a mild Mexican seasoning, with salsa, avocado and nachos
  • Chicken Tamale with red and green salsa
  • Red rice with tomatoes and vegetables
  • Enchilada – Baked Burrito with spicy red salsa
  • Fajita Picania – chopped beef with sweet and spicy seasoning
  • Salsas: Pico De Gallo, Salsa Verde, Salsa Rostada, Mango and Cilantro
  • Dips: Guacamole, Frijoles Negros
  • For Dessert: Churros in Aztec Chocolate Sauce

Sensitivity Adjustment:

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