Classic Chocolate Class 14 May - Friday - 10:30 Pastry Chef Michel Badihi

We will learn and prepare a variety of desserts from different choclate types. All the recipes in the class will be prepared using quality Belgian chocolate.

The class is very active and fun, and includes the use of tempering techniques, baking and a lot of hands work.

The class is active, and the participants prepare most of the dishes by themselves.

The Class’s Menu:
  • Start Off with Hot rosemary focaccia from the oven
  • Balls of Truffles Dark chocolate
  • Hand-made pralines
  • Chocolate surprise egg with candy inside
  • Chocolate brownies and nuts
  • Chocolate Pondet - A hot chocolate cake
  • Chocolate Perlin Jandwiya
  • An assortment of cheese and antipasti

Sensitivity Adjustment:

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