Healthy Vegan Gourmet Class 10 February - Monday - 18:30 Phyllis Glazer

A premium cooking class with Phyllis Glazer, the healthy food Guru who will guide you through the preparation of a healthy vegan gourmet meal.

During the class you will learn which spices can turn a dish into a super-food and you will gain a priceless a wide range of tips for making a luxurious healthy vegan meal.

The Class’s Menu:
  • Start off with freshly baked Fuccacia
  • Carrots and Porcini Osso Buco in red wine, served on a bed of polenta
  • Mini Spelt Bread with Goji Berries
  • Badrijani – Georgian Style Eggplant Rollatini with nut paste
  • Vietnamese Spring Roll with spicy tofu
  • Antipasti Salad with chickpeas, zucchini and olives
  • Cashew and Curry paste
  • Nigella Cheese
  • For dessert: raw chocolate sweets with super-foods

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