Common questions

Where is the studio located?

Our studio is located on 19 Ben Avigdor Street, Tel-Aviv (Near the Azrieli Mall, Sarona Center and Hamasger Street)

How many people participate in each class?

The maximum number of participants varies based on the room and the type of class. In general, up to 18 participants will in a class with a single chef. When a slightly larger number of participants registers (up to 25), another guide will join the chef to helf the class together. A larger number of participants will only be held with 2 separate groups.

Is it possible to order a private class?

Certainly, it is possible to order a private cooking or baking class in our studio. Private classes have their specific pricing terms, that might change based on dates and timing. Please contact us to receive a detailed quote for our services.

Are the class Kosher?

The Classes are Kosher with a certificate and under the supervision the Tel Aviv Rabbinate. There is a separation between the meat and dairy dishes, and of course all the recipes are Kosher. It’s also possible to be in contact with our Kosher superviser.

How much does a cooking class cost?

The price of each workshop varies according to the type, the raw materials, the guiding chef and more. The price is detailed in our workshops panel. The prices of joining our classes vary between 230 to 310 NIS. You can see the exact pricing in the menu of the site under “Join a Class”. For private classes, please contact us.

How long does a cooking workshop take?

Usually, about three hours. Sometimes there will also be longer workshops.

Does joining the classes require any cooking experience or knowledge?

There is no need for significant knowledge or experience to join a classes, and our classes are defined as suitable for the general public. Even if you have “2 left hand”, you can participate and succeed in preparing the recipes.

Can children join the classes?

Children of the age 15 and up, can join our classes on their own. From the age of 10 and older, children can join the classes accompanied by an adult.